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Today I uploaded..and what?

2007-08-17 01:56:50 by MATSUMO

Today I uploaded a new"OYAZI series".
Please watch this movie!

I was surprised at "clockday". Because I am because nothing knew "clockday".. What kind of meaning will that have? Why will a clock and a strawberry come out?

Today I uploaded..and what?


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2007-08-18 23:46:37

"Clock Day" is only one day a year. It is an old Newgrounds tradition. Years ago, "Strawberry Clock" submitted a flash, and formed a group of Clocks called the Clock Crew. It's hard to explain to a foreigner.

Your movies are great. I love them.

MATSUMO responds:

Thank you very much for an answer to TheMexicanMuffinMan. clockday was an event once in one year. Because evaluation was high, all the flash bulbs which came out were surprised. A foreigner may be hard to surely understand it.
Thank you for having you watch a movie. I show it steadily from now on.