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New series aproaded!

2007-08-24 23:59:46 by MATSUMO

I improved a new series today. Animal's it is transfer student, and the first story. It is scheduled to become the story of six story in all. Please see here!

<a bout the story >
The stage is an elementary school in the suburbs of the big city in Japan in 1980's. A story of the time when there was not yet a convenient mobile telephone or a portable game console. One who changed school in the elementary school<One of them> It is a story to surround a transfer student and classmates.
At dusk of one day, Yoko saw one truck during leaving school. What there was on there... .
One transfer student comes over the next day in the class. The child named Murakami was that child who got on a truck yesterday who did the figure of "the animal". Next Murakami who sit down in its seat who was not crowded next to a proton. In a class, may Murakami get along well as expected from now on?

- Murakami -
The boy who did the figure of the animal which changed school in the character Class 4 of the third grade. Other than what I transferred from the suburban town to, it is wrapped in a mystery. An animal action is brought into question.... .

- Yoko katakura -
The chief character of the story to sit down next to a seat of Murakami. As for the considerate one side to worry about whether you can do it well while half hating an action of Murakami.

- teacher-
A class teacher of the Class 4 of the third grade, the veteran of the odd number during 40 generations. The tender teacher whom I am very fierce, but think of Murakami of the transfer student when angry. I am married.

New series aproaded!


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2007-08-25 00:09:47

It looks amazing! O:


2007-08-25 00:19:52

You work so fast.


2007-08-25 08:53:31

That's really good. You might want to get some person, not program, to translate it properly for you. I can't understand half of your text.


2007-08-30 21:24:25

Your work is amazing, but you could use a translator.