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I aproaded a new episode

2007-09-05 13:45:17 by MATSUMO

Today I aproaded a new episode of Animal's student. Please wacth here!and episode 1 is here.

However, there were a lot of chain mail and comments on annoying, I am at a loss very much.. How should I deal when there are such mail and a comment?Please show me it if you know the way that report to newground.

I aproaded a new episode


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2007-09-05 13:48:32

There is a word that says 'abusive' under each review which you can press, but it isn't doing any good. I don't know if the people who are in charge of clearing them up are being lazy, but nothing is being done.


2007-09-05 14:43:03

Or you can just ignore the bad comments, and watch for the good comments. ;)
I think some people are just jealous because they cant make such good flash as many other animators, like you. :)


2007-09-05 17:51:43

Hack their profiles, find out where they live, and grab a boomstick.
I don't get it, what do people think this is? Myspace or Youtube?


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